Come to me
All you who are weary
And I will give you rest.

Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus)

John Wikkerink, Host

Shalom, friend.

Welcome to Rest for Your Soul, a podcast featuring the stories of Jewish and Gentile seekers whose spiritual journeys led them to Yeshua. None went looking to become followers of a first-century Jewish teacher. More often, they looked to follow anything or anyone other than the man they knew only as Jesus. But their different experiences, many of them surreal, led each of them to conclude that Rabbi Yeshua spoke the truth when he claimed to be one with God.

Whether you are Jew or Gentile, atheist or agnostic or somewhere in between, I invite you to join me in exploring their spiritual journeys together. Episodes can be downloaded at soulrestpodcast.com and on your favorite podcast platforms.

Peace be with you.

David Krasner’s Journey

David, a medical professional, recounts childhood tragedies that left him embittered, and miraculous encounters that changed his heart and mind.

“I wanted nothing to do with God, absolutely nothing. I stopped going to synagogue, I stopped praying. I figured if God couldn’t answer a prayer then what good was he? And yet, there were times when I got envious of people who seemed to know him…”

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Rest for Your Soul is a production of Beit Simcha,
a Messianic Jewish Congregation in Allentown, Pennsylvania,
led by Rabbi Glenn Blank.